Arrival Steps

  • We took a bus from Amsterdam to Antwerp which took maybe two hours and cost €12.50 each whereas the high-speed train was €50 and the regional train was almost 3hrs and €25. The bus dropped us off right next to Antwerpen- Centraal!



  • You can walk everywhere here so don’t bother with public transport unless you just don’t want to walk!

Antwerp Information

Antwerp (Antwerpen is what the locals call it) is one of the diamond capitals of the world. There are diamond shops everywhere near the train station!

The old city is beautiful. Lots of history and many beautiful churches!

Journal Entry**

The Steen Castle is right on the river but it was under renovation while we were there!

The Belgian beers are amazing! You have to try them! Also, there is a local beef stew that is very tasty!


The people speak Flemish here which is a dialect of Dutch but most everyone spoke English, as well!

Departure Steps



Arrival Steps

  • From the Saint- Gillis Church, you can walk 5 minutes to the city center!


Bruges thoughts

Brugee is one of those fairytale old cities you see in movies. Would highly recommend visiting this beautiful town!

Would definitely recommend renting bikes! You can bike most of this city!


If the weather permits, simply walk around and get lost in this city! It's magical, peaceful, and gorgeous!

Eat a Belgian waffle! We do not have a photo of one because it always disappeared too quick to snap one! 😋

We had coffee & waffles at Restaurant Jan van Eyck, and though it might sound touristy, it was quite good + inexpensive! I loved the quote on this coffee cup.


Journal entry**

Must Do's/See's in Bruges

1. Whale Art

NOTE: located near the Jan Van Eyrk Square’s statue in one of the canals! Super cool to see in person!

2. Church of our Lady, St. Salvador’s Cathedral, Sint- Magdalena

NOTE: this cathedral has a swing in it you can get on! Super cool!

3. Basilica of the Holy Blood

NOTE: this church has a golden relic of Jesus’s blood. You can walk up to see the relic itself, but (out of respect) no photos/videos can be taken. Very amazing to see!

4. Minnewaterpark

NOTE: We rode our bikes thru this park and on to the picturesque Windmills! It is absolutely beautiful!

5. Brewery Bourgogne des Flandres

NOTE: we stumbled upon this brewery, and it was located ideally right by the beautiful canal! Great service, too.

6. Café Vlissinghe

NOTE: this is the oldest tavern in Bruges! Family owned & run. It was simply amazing!

Journal entry**

Departure Steps

  • We had slightly limited options in traveling from Bruges to Paris so we decided to take the FlixBus again which was a 4-hour trip! Ticket costs were around €10 each. (Tip: always have your passport handy when riding the Flixbus, because sometimes they ask to see it!)


  • The train would have been 1 hour to Brussels and then another 1.5 hours to Paris but cost quite a bit more!


  • The bus ride thru the French Countryside was very nice!