Quick dry towel

Locks for luggage as well as padlock for locker at hostels

Dramamine, Tylenol, Tums, and talcum powder

Earplugs and Sleepmask


Toothbrush sanitizer cover

Convertor cord for wall plug-ins

Stain remover (Tide Pen)

Hanging toiletry bag

Ziploc airtight travel bag (for dirty clothes) + extra smaller ziplock bags

Portable charger pack for the phone(s)

Extra phone cords


Puffy jacket that folds into a small pouch

Rain jacket that folds into small pouch

Packing cubes

Good travel pack (generally 45L-50L max if plan on flying is a good rule of thumb for carry-on)

Passport holder to wear around neck for travel days

Copies of passports

Couple $100 bills just incase

Extra credit card (non-American Express) to keep at home in case something is lost

Non-scannable wallet

Travel journal

Rubber flip flops if staying at hostels

Small flashlight

Foldable water bottle

Lightweight travel umbrella

GoToob for liquids

Small first-aid kit

GPS (if renting a car)


The first thing to learn about backpacking is packing light is an absolute must. Have clothes that are comfortable and can be re-worn as you might have to re-wear something. Also, having things that are compact/packable really help save space. The packing itinerary definitely changes with time of year and place traveled, however the time matters less as you will do laundry once a week or so. I like darker colors as they show fewer stains. 

- John Luke

1 packable Jacket (Patagonia micro-puff jacket)

1 packable rain jacket (Marmot rain jacket)

3 long sleeve shirts (Patagonia, ExOfficio, North Face, Toad&Co., Prana, etc)

2 short sleeve polos (Lululemon, Smartwool)

1 pair of Blue Jeans (Blue Delta Jeans…these are fantastic and don’t stink)

1 pair of Lululemon khakis

1 pair of Lululemon shorts

2 pair of Lululemon workout shorts

2 Lululemon workout shirts

5 pairs of boxers (2 Under, Exxofficio, Under Armour)

2 pairs of long socks and 2 pairs of short socks (I like Darn Tough…wool blends are a must)

2 pairs of shoes…. Invest in some good walking/ tennis shoes and I also brought a pair of Teva hybrid hiking/ walking shoes that could pose as hiking shoes or be dressed up a bit to go out. Shoes really take up a lot of room so try not to over pack!


Okay, okay. I know what you are thinking…”I am a girl, it is SO much harder to pack light.” Guess what? I totally feel you! Full transparency, John Luke had to help me slim down my packing at least 3x’s before our travels. I want you to consider three things while packing:

1) What are your NEEDS?

2) What type of trip are you taking?

3) If you had to carry everything on your back, how does that translate to what your suitcase looks right now?

But, Morgan, I need (a bazillion) options/choices just in case!

In case of what, chica? Even a worst-case scenario does not grant you the excuse to pack your whole house.

Remember, LESS IS MORE.

xx, Morgs*

1 packable Jacket (Patagonia micro-puff jacket)

1 packable rain jacket (Asic’s lightweight jacket)

2 lightweight sweater tops (Prana, Lululemon, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Athleta)

2 tank-top shirts (ExOfficio, Prana, Lululemon)

1 pair of blue jeans (Love my Blue Delta! No smell, well-made, durable)

4 pairs of multi-purpose leggings —--dress up, dress down, or workout (Lululemon, Athleta, Vuori)

2 pairs of shorts (Patagonia, Prana)

2 workout tops (Lululemon, Athleta, Target, Vuori)

1 pair of workout shorts (Target, Lululemon, Vuori)

1 long-sleeve dress (Prana, Patagonia)

2 tank-top dresses (Athleta, Prana, Patagonia)

1 light-weight sweater (Vuori, Target)

5 pairs of underwear (ExOfficio, Athleta, Target)

2 pairs of long socks (Smartwool, Patagonia)

3 pairs of socks (Darn Tough, Smartwool)

3 smell-proof bras (ExOfficio, Lululemon)

2 smell-proof sports bras (Vuori, Lululemon)

3 pairs of shoes (Invest in some good walking/hiking shoes! I recommend Blundstone, and they can be dressed up or dressed down. I also bought a pair of Hoka high tops for hiking/walking/working out! Lastly, brought a pair of lightweight sandals to wear as a dress-up/dress-down alternative —-- Tevas,, etc are great places to look for durable sandals)

1-2 Beanie(s) (LazyGringo, Prana, Patagonia)

1-2 Enso ring(s) (If you are married or just like wearing rings, I definitely recommend you invest in Enso ring(s) to bring in place of your actual ring(s). Rather lose a $40 ring than your very expensive one, right? Minimal jewelry is best!

Pack SMART, not HARD!