The Netherlands


Arrival Steps


  • After going thru customs, you can easily take a train into the city center — Amsterdam Centraal.


  • Train from Airport to City Center (Amsterdam Centraal): € 4,30 direct train takes  >> 16 minutesYou can buy the OV-chipkaart (Multi-day Ticket) at the Schiphol Airport, some hotels (our hotel only offered a 1- or 2-day pass), GVB Ticket Vending Machine (at metro stations and metro stops), GVB website, or Holland Tourist Information. **Only a 1 ride or 1-day pass is available on trams and buses.


  • Amsterdam is very well connected via Tram, Metro, and Bus. Remember to check in and out when you get on! There are multiple scanners on the tram, bus, and metro to check in and check out.

Helpful Pricing & City Map!

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Amsterdam Thoughts

The architecture of this city is simply amazing! The mix of old canal houses and the modern buildings mixed in-between can’t be missed. The canal houses are very narrow but four to five stories high and most slightly lean forward. The tops have a large hook which is used to move things in and out the windows. Pretty crafty! The canals go throughout the central area of the city and most everything is very walkable; however, the tram system is very convenient and saves some of your walking around!

There is A LOT to see in Amsterdam but make sure you spend plenty of time enjoying the splendor of the amazing canal system. As a budget traveler, there are limited attractions we can fit in our budget so we have listed some of the more well-known attractions. Although, we highly recommend a canal tour!

Momentary Shoutout for all the photos John Luke takes! As a blogger's spouse, he totally has the best attitude! Finance + budgeting guru, photography, + MORE!

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Must Do's/See's in Amsterdam!

1. Anne Frank’s house

NOTE: tickets are only available online, so buy early! (€10.00)

2. Rijksmuseum

NOTE: Make sure you check the hours before going and give yourself enough time! This place is huge and amazing! (€17.50)

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3. Museumplein

NOTE: this is right next to the Rijks Museum and Van Gogh Museum. It has amazing food trucks!

4. Albert Cuyp Market

NOTE: this is Amsterdam’s largest market! So cool! 

5. Bars in De Wallen (Red Light District)

WARNING: recording the streets where prostitutes are working is a good way to get your phone smashed from your hand by a bouncer. Be respectful. Don't record. They are strict on this.

6. Heineken Museum

It’s €18.00 to book online, and this includes 2 beers!

7. Van Gogh Museum

The cost of tickets is €17.00! A bit higher than we expected. 

8. Canal Tour

The cost varies from €10-20! The best place to hop on is near the Dam area!

9. St. Nicholas Church

This church is free to see! But the hours vary. The door of the church displays hours it is open to the public!

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10. Oude Kerk Church

NOTE: It’s €10 for adults and €5 for students or if you are under 21!

11. Damrak Street

12. Nieuwendijk Street shopping

13. Rembrandtplein area

14. Begijnhof

15. Openbare Bibliotheek

This is a library with a rooftop lookout! It’s free to go up and see the view. Also, the library itself is massive and really cool!

Amsterdam Tips

There are coffeeshops (places to buy marijuana) everywhere. If that is your thing, I suggest finding some local blogs or reddit posts!

Prostitution is legal. Passing thru the Red-Light District you can’t miss the Sex Workers in the windows. Remember, don’t take pictures.

Overall food in Amsterdam is on the more expensive end versus other places in Europe, especially given the quality. I suggest local food bloggers for top cuisine.

Surprising the hostel we stayed at, The Generator Hostel had delicious food! Stick to places outside of the city center and avoid menus with pictures and greeters trying to coax you in.

Definitely go see Oosterpark Amsterdam if the weather is nice! It's a beautiful park located by Generator Hostel!


There are several places with great street food and some markets like Albert Heijn where we picked up cheap lunches.


Bikes don’t stop for pedestrians. They are a primary means of transport. You will get run over if you are not paying attention!

You must check in and out of public transportations or your ticket will be voided!

Dutch people speak perfect English!

Departure Steps

  • When leaving we took a bus to Antwerp, Belgium (FlixBus) as the train tickets were quite a bit pricier! The bus station is Sloterdijk.


  • Tip: use the restroom at a cafe like this one, should you stop for a snack/drink prior to departing! All stations will charge you for restroom use. Not all FlixBuses have restrooms (though many do).