Why Rest Days for Backpackers Matter

Brussels, Belgium & Charleroi, Belgium

You are not weak for needing time to rest.

Shoutout to AMAZING African cooking!

Rest and be thankful.

5 Reasons You Should Rest

1. Saves money

We had just finished exploring Paris, and as we have said — Paris is EXPENSIVE! So, a few days to save some money while seeing family was first and firstmost a BLESSING but also strategically important when traveling on a budget.

2. Quality time

Getting a few days to pretty much do NOTHING but relax and breathe is SO priceless. For us, it was an opportunity to reflect with each other and journal. It was a time to laugh, dance, and bond with family in Belgium we do not see often. It was a gift.

3. Physical Reboot

We walked A LOT in Paris, and in all the other amazing cities we’d ventured to thus far. Our body needed a moment to breathe as your’s does, too! It’s essential to just let your body recharge like a battery! P.s. — good walking/hiking shoes are SO important! Make sure you pack this item for your travels. 

4. Mental reboot

Traveling for an extended period can definitely be a mental strain. Having a few days (at least) to NOT think so hard — for lack of better wording — is necessary. You will enter back into your on-the-go traveling from place to place MUCH more refreshed.

5. Opportunity to plan

Sometimes it’s hard to plan too much when you’re moving from place to place. A few days to rest gives you time to develop a game-plan for the next adventures to come! We used our rest days as a time to plan for Prague, Czech Republic. On the other hand, it’s good to be flexible (in fact, it’s essential) and take moments as they come! But we had to book a flight, so that required a tad more advanced planning.

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